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Article 1 (Disclaimer)

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) govern your access to and use of the services provided by S-WORLD (the “Company”) via https://s-world.io/ (the “Website”) or mobile application (the “Platform” or “Service”).

Article 2 (Statement, Explanation and Changes to the Terms)

  • ① These Company shall be available on the registration page or at the Platform, and shall become effective immediately when the User has created an account.
  • ② The Company reserves the right to modify or change the Company in compliance with applicable laws including ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATIONS AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. or ACT ON THE REGULATION OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • ③ The Company reserves the right to modify these Company at any time upon 7 days’ notice to Users, either through amendments by the Company or applicable law which will be reflected in the text of these Company. Before any material changes to these Company become binding on Users other than changes resulting from a change in applicable law, the Company shall notify Users of such changes through the pop-up window when visiting the Website. Any change that are significant to Users or are a result of applicable law will be notified 30 days prior to the changes legally binding Users.
  • ④ Unless the User otherwise explicitly expressed unacceptable following notification of a changes to the Company within 7 days, continuing to access or use of the Platform after 7 days of any change of these Company, including Website and apps, the User agrees to be bound by the rules contained in the most recent version of these Company.
  • ⑤ The Company reserves the right to modify or terminate the Services or to terminate User access to the Services, in whole or in part, at any time.

Article 3 (Supplementary Terms)

  • ① The Company may announce or require the Users read and agree to a separate notice, single consent, split agreement, User Guide, operational policies and procedures and each detailed guidance (the “Detailed Guidance”) other than Company. Detailed Guidance shall prevail when conflicts of interests arise between the Company.

Article 4 (Definitions)

The terms used herein shall have the following meanings

  • 1. “User” or “Users” refer to all individuals, institutions or organizations that agreed to the Company set forth herein and complete registration for using the Service;
  • 2. “User ID” refers to an e-mail address, that the User has registered with for an access and use of the Platform;
  • 3. “Password” refers a combination of letters and numbers approved by the Company with respect to the User accessing their own profile and using the Platform;
  • 4. “Digital Asset” refers to a blockchain-based encrypted cryptocurrency or digital token representing certain value, or other types of digitalized assets with a certain value that can be digitally traded, transferred or used on the Exchanges;
  • 5. “seller” A member who is willing to sell cryptocurrency and has registered or applied for it according to the form the company provides online.
  • 6. “buyer” A member who is willing to purchase cryptocurrency and has registered or applied for it according to the form the company provides online.

Article 5 (Registration and Service Agreement)

1. Users over 18 years of age under the service contract shall register for an account by providing current, complete and accurate personal information and agreeing to these Company before using the Platform.

2. Registration shall be complete upon confirmation of the Company of registration application.

3. the Company may request for identity verification and personal authentication through authorized organizations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, if necessary. The Company will not be liable for any legal consequence arises from a failure of identity verification as a result of the User’s refusal of the request upon the provision of their information to the authorized organizations.

4. Both criminal and civil liability will be imposed upon the User if the User’s personal information including, but not limited to the name and phone number found false and forged identity’s been used for registration.

Article 6 (Deny and withhold account creation)

1. The Company may reject User’s registration application, elect to discontinue providing Services, terminate or suspend the Services, including placing the user account on hold or similar status when:

  • (1) As an individual, User shall be at least age of 18 years old or is of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable law.
  • (2) information provided is not verified or false information;
  • (3) requirement for registration is not met;
  • (4) server errors or any technical issues occurred at the registration; and
  • (5) the account usage is deemed violating morality and ethics policies and moral code of the Company.

2. When a member is found to have created an account in violation of any subparagraph of paragraph (1), the company may immediately suspend the use of the member's service or remove the member's account, etc. The Company will not be liable for any legal consequence arises from a failure of identity verification

Article 7 (management of accounts)

1. Unless arising out of an act of negligence or intent made by the Company or otherwise, User shall be responsible for the use of their ID and login information. The Company shall not be liable for any special, indirect and consequential damages growing out of misconduct of the User ID.

2. Unless the account information is not the personally identifiable information (the “PII”) including without limitation to a legal name, date of birth, gender and User ID otherwise, User may change their account information on My Account at any time.

3. Under no circumstances shall S-WORLD be liable to Users for any indirect or consequential damages arising out of failure to act undersection 2 of this Article.

Article 8 (Types of Services)

1. The Company provides services such as Trading Account, Deposit, Withdrawal, Custody, and such

2. The types of services may change from time to time and their copyrights and intellectual properties remain granted to the Company.

3. provides Users the rights to use their Account, User ID, Services and reward points with respect to the Services in accordance with the Company, and under no circumstances can Users offer any similar service or be engaged in commercial activities

Article 9 (Provision of Service Information)

1. The Company posts the features, process and procedure of different types of the service on the Website, and Users shall read and understand them prior to using any Service.

2. In the event of service updates or termination due to operational and technical issues, the Company will notify Users at least 7 days prior to it.

Article 10 (Service Contents)

1. The Company may restrict services by suspending the User account and/or delaying or rejecting transactions, deposit and withdrawal requests in the event listed below.

  • (1) suspected that the User ID and/or password is stolen, or false identity;
  • (2) intentional disruption of services;
  • (3) invalid name provided at registration;
  • (4) failed to complying with legislation or the service is used for any illegal activities
  • (5) illegitimate acquisition, store or disclose of personal information, and infringement on other’s rights;
  • (6) deceptive transmission information or commercial information transmitted for the purpose of disturbing critical or day-to-day service operations;
  • (7) a malicious code that can lead to the malfunctioning of telecommunication facilities or destruction of information is distributed;
  • (8) copying, circulating or exploiting of the information that is obtained from using the services for commercial purposes without consent from the Company;
  • (9) user registers multiple IDs;
  • (10) trading digital assets for the benefit of commission on behalf of other person(s);
  • (11) User is under age;
  • (12) suspected that the use of service is associated with any fraudulent activities including but not limited to cyber-attack, compromised account, any form of scam, voice phishing, money laundering or any suspicious activities found;
  • (13) suspected transaction include but not limited to matching orders, wash trade, price manipulation, fraudulent transaction, and market disruption in which may result in a breach of the Company policy;
  • (14) there is a court order requesting the restriction of the services;
  • 2. Pursuant to clause 9 of this Company, the Company shall notify of its decision on service restriction to the User considering reason, time and expected period on restriction. Notwithstanding the foregoing sentence, the Company may restrict the service to User without a prior notice if urgently required for any given reason.


Article 11 (Service Account Reactivation)

1. Users may disagree to the decision on service restriction made by the Company. The Company shall immediately revamp the Service for the User once the addressed issues resolved.

2. The Company shall take best endeavor to resolve an issue that caused the restriction to the User account. Unless the issue is resolved otherwise, the Company may terminate the User account by giving a notice to the user after adequate period of time.

3. User shall withdrawal all funds (digital assets) from their account prior to deleting a User account if they wish to terminate the service use.

Article 12 (Provision and Change of Services)

1. Unless there are operational and technical issues otherwise, the Platform shall be available 24/7

2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company will notify in advance if the service is temporarily unavailable required for technical updates.

3. The Company may suspend Services when:

  • (1) infrastructure maintenance;
  • (2) We may change the Service and/or may also interrupt, suspend or terminate the service at anytime with or without prior notice.
  • (3) any of the engaged 3rd party provider has technical issues; and
  • (4) any event arising from force majeure.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform as required by these Company because of any cause or condition beyond its reasonable control including without limitation to state of national emergency, power outages, failure of web server bridge or server overload.

Article 13 (Company’s Obligations)

1. The Company shall not commit an act that is prohibited by laws and these Terms or is contrary to good public order and customs, and shall do its best to provide the Service in a continuous and stable manner in accordance with these Terms.

2. The Company shall be equipped with a security system for the protection of members’ personal information, including their credit information, to ensure that members use the Service securely.

Article 14 Members’ Obligations

1. Members may not commit any of the following acts:

  • (1) The act of using the Service or accessing the system by abnormal methods other than the methods of using the Service, which are offered by the Company;
  • (2) The act of using the Service offered by the Company with others’ names or account or other information;
  • (3) The act of paying for the Goods and Services in a manner prohibited by laws like circulating funds through fake goods transactions;
  • (4) The act of acquiring or using economic values, such as the in abnormal methods not designed by the Company;
  • (5) The act of purchasing the Goods and Services repetitiously without real intention to purchase them;
  • (6) The act of transmitting or posting information other than the communication information designated by the Company;
  • (7) Any other illegal or undue acts.

2. If a member fails to perform its obligations under this Article or commits an act prohibited hereunder and hence its membership is suspended or forfeited or violates these Terms or the policy of use stipulated by a separate page of the Company’s website, the Company may terminate a user agreement with such a member and claim separate damages.

Article 15 (Service Fee)

Users agree to pay fees that are set out in the “Fee” in respect of the Company’s provision of the Services available at the bottom of the Website. Fees may change in line with the market trends.

Article 16 (Privacy Policy)

The Company shall use best endeavor to protect Users’ personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The Personal information shall be used solely for the purpose of facilitating the provision of the Services, and the Company shall not provide User information to a third party without consent of the User. More details are available at “Privacy Policy” at the bottom of the Website.

Article 17 (Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability)


Unless any damage to Users arising from the Company’s negligence or willful misconduct otherwise, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the Company shall not be liable to Users for:

any force majeure events or an act of God including but without limitation to server down resulting from r a distributed denial-of service (DDos) attack, International Data Corporation (IDC) error, and Too Many Requests;

any delay or failure arising out of the blockchain technology issue, technical flaws including ecosystem of the digital asset, third party telecommunication service provider or server maintenance;

any delay or failure of server error resulting from User’s misconduct;

P2P trading activities using the Platform; and

Services offered for free except as otherwise expressly required by law.

The Company may carry out server maintenance plan at any time in order to provide up-to-date service facilities. In line with an internal policy, the Company may cancel Users’ purchase orders if difference between then-quoted User’s pending orders and prevailing market rates are too large upon the completion of the maintenance check.

If any digital asset has been misplaced from the User account to another or any third party’s due to the system outages or incident, the Company will use best endeavor to recall those digital assets upon prior notice.

If the Company must make a compensation to Users for damages against a claim, the compensation may be in the form of digital assets or KRW points upon agreement.

Article 18 (Representations and No Warranty)

The Company and its affiliates will NOT represent any of the rights of the Users, and Services offered by the Company shall not be deemed as representations for Users.

The Company will NOT warrant authenticity purchase intentions or its legitimacy with respect to P2P Trading through the Platform.

The Website may contain links to other websites controlled or offered by third parties (non-affiliates) such as a Gift Card Mall, Contents Service Provider. The Company hereby disclaims all liability for any other company`s website content, products, privacy policies, or security. In the event you choose to use the services available at a linked site, you agree to read and adhere to the policies and terms of use applicable to that site. Your participation in any linked site, including payment for and the delivery of goods or services, is based solely on the agreement, if any, between you and the linked site provider.

Article 19 (Jurisdiction and Governing Laws)

These constitute a contract between User and governed and interpreted by the laws of the Republic of Korea. Any dispute arising out of this contract shall be subject to the laws of Republic of South Korea and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South Korean courts.

The Website is hosted in the Republic of South Korea. However, Users may be subjecting themselves to the South Korean laws, which may differ from their local laws, including laws that govern personal information management.

These updated Terms of Service shall come into effect as of January 25th, 2021.

These Terms and Conditions is effective as of January 25th, 2021.

Collecting personal information and activities agreements(Required).

Privacy Policy

S-WORLD (hereinafter “Company”) values customers’ personal information highly and complies with laws, including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc, the Protection of Consumers in e-commerce and Other Transactions Act, the Protection of Communication Secrets Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, and administrative guidelines issued by administrative agencies. The Company has also established the Guideline on Processing Personal Information in accordance with relevant statutes and protects the rights and interests of users

As the Company’s guideline on processing personal information may be changed, subject to changes in laws or guidelines related to the protection of personal information or the Company’s policies, customers are recommended to pay frequent visits to our website and check details.

The Company’s Guideline on Processing Personal Information includes the following sections:

1. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information;

The Company shall collect and use customers’ personal information for the following purposes:

Member's subscription and management: Personal information is processed for the purpose of confirming the intention to join a user, verifying the identity of the depositor, checking the real name of the depositor, preventing and preventing the illegal use of the service, handling complaints such as restrictions on duplication, handling complaints, confirming various notices and notices, confirming the intention to withdraw from the user, handling grievances, and preserving records for dispute settlement.

Virtual asset transactions: Manage personal information for purposes such as self-certification, deposit and withdrawal account authentication, proof of deposit, and withdrawal account registration.

- Developing and specializing in new services (products), Use for marketing and advertisements : Providing optimized services for customers, Providing services and posting advertisements according to demographic traits, Statistics on the use of services Handle personal information for purpose.

2. Personal Information Items Collected

1. The Company shall not collect any sensitive personal information which may lead to the infringement of human rights of users, including their race, ethnicity, ideas and creeds, place of birth and legal domicile, political orientations and criminal records, health status, and sexual life.

1) Self-authentication for payments and funds withdrawals

- name, date of birth, account number, a copy of an identification card (any remaining information masked except for date of birth), cell phone number, secure password.

2) password initialization

- name, e-mail address, cell phone number,

3) Prevention of use by fraudulent members and prevention of unauthorized use

- users’ IP address and date and time of their visit to the Company’s website

4) Verification of users’ real name

- name, date of birth, gender

5) Block Deal Consultation

- E-mail address, mobile phone number

6) Transfer of Digital Asset (all PII other than date of birth from the below documents to be obfuscated)

- Individual User:

  • • Email address
  • • Mobile phone number
  • • Full legal name (including former name, and names in local language)
  • • Nationality
  • • Passport number, or any government issued ID number
  • • Date of birth (“DOB”)
  • • Proof of identity (e.g. passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID)
  • • Residential address
  • • Proof of residency
  • • Additional Personal Data or documentation at the discretion of our Compliance Team

- Corporate User:

  • • Corporate legal name (including the legal name in local language)
  • • Incorporation/registration Information
  • • Full legal name of all beneficial owners, directors, and legal representatives
  • • Address (principal place of business and/or other physical locations)
  • • Proof of legal existence
  • • Description of the business
  • • Percentage of ownership for Individual/corporate owners
  • • Contact information of owners, principals, and executive management (as applicable)
  • • Proof of identity (e.g., passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID) for significant individual beneficial owner of the institutional customer entity
  • • Personal Data for each entity’s significant beneficial owner of the institutional customer entity (see the “Individual Customer” section above for details on what Personal Data we collect for individuals)
  • • Source of wealth
  • • Amount of bitcoin or other digital assets projected to be injected

2. The following information may be created and collected in the process of using or processing services:

- Records on using services, payment records, records on the suspension and termination of services, access logs, cookies, users’ IP address, records on fraudulent or abnormal uses of services, Advertisement identifier(ADID/IDFA)

3. Personal Information Collection Method;

The Company shall collect personal information through the following methods:

- homepage, cell phone applications, cell phone web page, fax, telephone, consumer bulletin board, e-mail, and event application

- Collection of personal information through a tool for collecting created information

4. Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information;

A. Customers’ personal information shall be retained and used during a period when the Company provides services for customers. Upon a user’s withdrawal of membership, such user’s personal information shall be destroyed to ensure that his/her/its personal information is neither accessed nor used. However, if such user’s personal information needs to be retained in accordance with the provisions of relevant statutes, it shall be retained in accordance with the following provisions.

- Records on payments and the supply of goods: three (5) years

- Records on the handling of customers’ complaints and disputes: three (3) years

- Taxes and utility charges payment record: (5) years

- Login record: (3) months

- Labeling and advertising record: (6) months

B. If a customer demands access to transaction information that has been retained by the Company after obtaining the consent of such a customer, the Company shall immediately take a step to ensure that such information can be accessed and checked by such a customer.

5. Provision of personal information

The Company shall neither use nor provide customers’ personal information for any third party beyond the scope of which customers are notified upon collection of their information or the scope that is specified at the terms and conditions of the use of services, unless the customers agree or except for the following cases:

A. Partnership: The Company may provide customers’ personal information for its partners or share such information with its partners for the provision of better services. In case the Company does the foregoing acts, individual customers shall be notified in advance of who are our partners, what kinds of personal information items are provided or shared and why such personal information should be provided or shared and until when such information should be protected and managed, either in writing or e-mail, and give their consent to the provision and sharing of their personal information. If customers do not agree, the Company shall neither provide for its partners nor share their personal information with its partners. If there is any change in or termination of the Company’s partnership, the Company shall notify customers of such change or termination or seek their consent through the same procedure as described above.

B. Sale and merger and acquisition: If the Company sells its business, in whole or in part, or transfers and assumes the rights and obligations of any service providers, due to mergers and inheritances, the Company shall be sure to notify customers of such mergers and inheritances to guarantee customers their right related to the protection of their personal information.

C. Customers’ personal information is required for the performance of an agreement on the provision of services but it is significantly difficult to obtain customers’ ordinary consent due to economic and technological reasons.

D. Customers’ personal information is required for payments of fees in return for services

E. S-WORLD uses Personal Data to communicate with you and to administer, deliver, improve, and personalize the Service. We might also generate generic data out of any Personal Data we collect and use it for our own purposes. We may also use such data to communicate with you in relation to other products or services offered by S-WORLD and/or its partners. We do not share your Personal Data with third parties (other than partners in connection with their services to S-WORLD) except where you have given your consent and further detailed below.

We may share your Personal Data with third parties:

  • 1. If we think that sharing it is necessary to enforce the Terms of Service;
  • 1. To comply with government agencies, including regulators, law enforcement and/or justice departments;
  • 1. To third parties who provide services to S-WORLD (such as administration or technical services);
  • 1. In connection with the sale or transfer of our business or any part thereof.

Additionally, we have implemented international standards to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and circumventing trade and economic sanctions and will implement final Virtual Financial Asset rules and regulations when effective, which will likely require us to undertake due diligence on our customers. This may include the use of third-party data and service providers which we will cross-reference with your personal information.

F. A user inflicts mental and physical damage on others using the Company’s services and therefore, the Company has sufficient grounds to determine that such user’s personal information should be disclosed for the Company to take legal action against such infliction of harm.

6. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Methods for Exercising Their Rights;

A. The user or his or her legal representative may exercise the following rights for registered personal information of the user.

- Right to demand access to personal information

- Right to demand correcting errors in personal information, if any

- Right to demand the deletion of personal information

- Right to demand the suspension of personal information processing

B. Users and legal representatives of children under fourteen years of age may log into the Company’s homepage and access or modify the personal information of themselves or such children in the Member’s Information Change menu or may do so by sending e-mails or written requests to a chief privacy officer at the Company.

C. The user or his or her legal representative may withdraw (cancel) ‘Consent to Personal Information Collection and Use’ through email, phone, or fax.

D. If users and legal representatives of children under fourteen years of age request the correction and deletion of errors in their personal information, the Company shall neither use nor provide such personal information until such errors are corrected or deleted. The Company shall handle the personal information that is terminated or deleted at the request of such users and legal representatives in accordance with ‘Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information’ and prohibit such information from being accessed or used for any purposes other than those stipulated in the ‘Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information.’

7. Procedure and Method for Destroying Personal Information;

Once the objectives of the collected personal information are fulfilled, \"the Company\" will destroy or store separately without hesitation said information according to the storage or usage terms. The process, time frame, and methods are as follows.

A. Procedure and Timing for Destroying Personal Information

The Company shall immediately destroy the personal information provided by customers to obtain membership after the purpose of using such information has been fulfilled, including termination of services, and a retention period of such information as stipulated by its internal guidelines and other relevant statutes (please, refer to the above period of retention and use of personal information) has elapsed. In general, if there is no remaining creditor and debtor relationship, the Company shall, upon withdrawal of membership, immediately delete any personal information that has been collected by the Company at the time of obtaining membership and afterwards managed in the form of electronic files.

B. Destruction method

Any person information printed out on papers shall be destroyed by being shredded through shredders or burnt or dissolved through chemical solutions and any personal information stored in electronic files shall be deleted through technological methods that cannot reproduce such files.

C. Separate storage time frame and method

As per the 'Personal information expiry system, a user account that has not used the service for 1 year will be switched to a dormant state. Dormant members' personal information are separately stored and managed with restricted access and security.

8. Measures for Ensuring the Security of Personal Information;

The Company has implemented the following measures required for ensuring security under the Personal Information Protection Act:

A. Protective measures for administrative purposes

  • 1) Establishment and implementation of an internal management plan
  • - Matters on the appointment of the chief privacy officer
  • - Matters on roles and responsibilities of a chief privacy officer and a personal information- handling employee
  • - Matters on measures for ensuring the security of personal information
  • - Matters on training on the personal information handling employee and companies entrusted with personal information processing
  • - Other matters required for the protection of personal information
  • 2) Conducting its own internal audits
  • - Matters on divisions of duties between the chief privacy officer and an auditor
  • - Matters on roles and responsibilities of an auditor on personal information-related matters
  • - Conducting regular internal audits for ensuring the security of personal information handling

B. Technological protection measures

  • 1) The Company operates a system designed to prevent the leakage of personal information in order to prevent the personal information-handling employee from leaking customers’ information. It also applies secure password algorithm to personal information that is transmitted via PCs and networks.
  • 2) The Company grants each personal information handling employee one user account that has different functions and the least right to access a personal information handling system, which is required for performing his/her duties. If such personal information handling employee is replaced, the Company shall modify or delete his/her right to access the system and retain related records for at least five (5) years. In addition, the Company has established and applies a rule of creating a password for the personal information handling employee.
  • 3) If the Company sends or receives individuals’ peculiar identification information and passwords via information communication networks or delivers them through supplementary storage mediums, it shall store them using commercial encryption software and encrypt passwords with secure password algorithms and store them in encrypted forms.
  • 4) The Company retains and manages records on the personal information handling employee’ s access to the personal information processing system for at least six (6) months and securely stores such records to ensure that such records are not forged, modified, stolen or lost.
  • 5) The Company installs and operates security programs, such as vaccine programs that can prevent or cure malicious programs in the personal information processing system or computers used for business purposes. It also conducts regular PC checkups by using the automatic update function of such security programs.

C. Physical protective measures

The Company has established and operates a procedure for controlling entry to and exit from physical sites where personal information is stored, such as computer rooms and archives. It also stores and manages documents and supplementary storage mediums containing personal information at locations secured with locks.

9. Matters on the Installation and Operation of Personal Information Automatic

Collection Devices (cookies) and Rejection of Cookies;

A. The Company may install and operate cookies that store and frequently retrieve customers’ information through Internet services provided by the Company. Cookies mean a string of characters that a web server sends to a web browser to store it there and that is sent back to the server at the request of the server. If a customer accesses the Company’s website, the Company may read the contents of cookies stored at such a customer’s web browser and provide services by searching for additional information, without requiring such a customer to enter such additional information, including his/her/its name.

B. The Company may use customers’ information collected through cookies for the following purposes:

  • 1) Providing different information depending on individuals’ interests
  • 2) Identifying users’ tastes and interests by analyzing the access frequency or staying time of members or non-members, and using them for target marketing.
  • 3) Tracing the contents that users read attentively and providing tailor-made services in his/her next visit to the Company’s website.
  • 4) Providing guidance on a use period in using paid services.
  • 5) Analyzing customers’ habits and using them as a measure for the reshuffling of services.

C. All customers have the right of choice over installation of cookies. They may accept or reject all cookies or receive notices whenever cookies are installed, by clicking “Tools>Internet Options> Personal Information > Advanced on the upper menu bar of a web browser. However, if a customer rejects the installation of cookies, he/she/it may have inconvenience or difficulty in using services.

D. Cookies expire at the termination of a web browser or when users log out of services.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or your use of personal data, please contact the S-WORLD International Exchange Customer Center at 1:1 for more information or mail send master@gatexchange.us

11. Notices

guideline that is caused by changes in the government’s policies or security technologies on the Notices menu on its homepage seven (7) days before the effectuation of such addition, deletion or modification.

Date of effectuation : January 25th, 2021


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